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If you’re like most people, you don’t have unlimited resources.  With the inexpensive things in life, if it’s broken – you just throw it away and buy a new one.  Your automobile on the other hand is a different story and you’ll want to keeping it running as long as possible.  If you don’t you spend a little here and there to maintain it, you’ll be spending a whole lot later.

The following articles related to vehicle maintenance should help in letting your car live a bit longer:

Out of everything on your car, your brakes are the most likely feature to save your life, so make sure your brakesare ready if you ever need them.

SCHEDULED OIL CHANGES EXTENDS ENGINE LIFE: HILLSIDE TIRE AND SERVICE: AUTO REPAIR SALT LAKE CITY Why change your oil regularly? The engine is the most expensive part of any vehicle, so preserving it is fundamental. And the most important part of preserving the engine is changing oil, which must be performed on schedule, usin…

Car Care Tips: How to Extend Your Car’s Life on the Road?


Car care tips to help you spend less and save more. Use smart car care tips to extend the life of your car. Break It In. The first 1,000 Car care means checking your brake, steering and transmission fluids. Change your oil

Extend Your Car‘ s Life With These Tips – Auto Repair


Routine auto repair does more than reduce the risk of having to pay for expensive repairs. Good maintenance habits can actually extend the total life of your.

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Best Winter Car Care Tips

by Admin on December 6, 2012

English: Snow At Hemington Two days snow in Fe...

When the Winter snow takes us off guard (like it always does), make sure your auto is prepared to handle the cold and extreme conditions it will be exposed to.  From checking the tires and fluid levels to checking the battery, here are some good tips to follow . . .


Herndon Chevrolet Blog: 9 Winter Car Maintenance Tips


Take these steps now to keep your car on the road all winter. By David Muhlbaum, Contributing Editor, Perhaps the first frosts have already coated your windshield, forcing you to dig out the scraper. As you

Nice video explaining what you should do to prepare your car for the Winter months:

Winter Car Care Tips for Central Oregon

The Oregon Department of Transportation’s Central Oregon Highways television show features winter car care tips.

Car Care Tip: Boost Winter Fuel Economy | Rad Air


Complete Car Care Serving Cleveland & North East Ohio.

Winter car-care advisory – Wausau Daily Herald

Winter car-care advisoryWausau Daily HeraldDaily Herald Media asked a handful of local car-care experts for their tips and suggestions to prepare for winter driving conditions — especially for those who don’t have a lot of cash. Following are their s …

Winter car care maintenance may sound like a pain right not but the pain will be a whole lot greater if your vehicle breaks down in the nasty weather.





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Transmission Problems You Should Be Aware Of

December 4, 2012

Things aren’t sounding right in your vehicle.  It may be leaking and not shifting correctly and now you’re getting all stressed-out about it.  Here are is some good information you should know . . . Why Is Auto Transmission Repair Essential? | Automotive Repair … www.praktikale.org11/20/12 Why Is Auto Transmission Repair Essential? November 20th, 2012 […]

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